"Time spent with cats is never wasted"- Colette

The CATTUS bookshelf was developed for cat owners. The objective is to allow cats to also use the bookshelf without harming it or the objects on it.

Three iterations of the modular shelves. The leftmost image is a single shelf kit, while the one on the right shows three shelves together.

The horizontal axis was deliberately left open to allow the cat to go from one module to the next. The shape of the modules took inspiration from Tangram and Tetris, so as to allow the user to position and arrange each module in various different ways. Most modules were designed to be used by both the cat and the owner, while some were made exclusively for feline use and others for human use.

Early 2D simulations with cardboard.

The shelf takes advantage of cats' fondness for heights and climbing and gives them something new to discover at every arrangement.

Final modules in white.

This project was developed with Luisa Kneip.