Providing international visitors with Brazilian tastes, abundance and variety.

The Frult kiosk is focused on the international visitors backpacking through Rio de Janeiro. Frult sells drinks and foods made with Brazilian fruits and the main products are iced smoothies made specifically for this project with traditional Brazilian fruits that are considered exotic overseas.

The kiosk would be placed in the subway stations scattered around the city as a chance for the travellers to refresh themselves during their tourism.

Rendered concept of the Frult kiosk. From this view, you can see the container in which the iced smoothies are placed (white and blue containers to the right) and, to the left next to them, the topping station.
From this view, you can see the shelves in which the breads are placed. To the left is the payment area.

This project was made with Rozeani Araújo, Thatiane Veiga and Isabel Oliveira.